The embeddable Clevercast Player supports both HTML5 and Flash in order to deliver your live and on-demand webcasts to all popular platforms and devices (pc, iPhone, iPad, Android…). Your presentation slides are automatically synchronized and displayed along with the video. The player's layout and feature set are fully customizable, with interactive widgets for Q&A, comments and Twitter.

Key Video Features

Ensures an optimal viewing experience on all screens, with support for both HTML5 and Flash. The Clevercast Player uses the newest features of the video industry's leading JW Player to assure fast and stable playback on mobile and desktop.

Delivers the most suitable video stream to every device. When rendering the video, the Clevercast Player is able to switch dynamically between streams with a different resolution and choose the most suitable one for its playback device (depending on screen size and available bandwidth, memory and CPU).

Supports High Definition Video, live and on-demand. If permitted by your license, Clevercast lets you stream HD video flawlessly. The use of adaptive streaming allows viewers with non-HD compliant devices or insufficient bandwidth to watch the webcast in a lower resolution.

Key Interface Features

Flexible and contextually rich interface. Apart from the video, the Player integrates your information about the webcast (title, description, speaker(s), agenda, chapters and custom metadata), the automatically synchronized presentation slides, downloadable assets and interactive widgets. Metadata that was added during a live webcast - by the presenter, administrator or viewer - will be retained for the on-demand version.

Automatically adapts itself to the webcast status. For example, the Player may start out showing an introduction video or splash image. When the live broadcast begins, it automatically starts streaming the live webcast video and corresponding slides. When the webcast later becomes available on-demand, viewers have access to all available slides and can use them to jump to a given point in the on-demand video. During each of these stages, the Player will also adapt its interface, metadata and widgets to the webcast status.

Engaging and interactive. Clevercast Player lets you choose the type(s) of interaction with your online audience, ranging from Q&A and comments to a Twitter widget. Before making a webcast available for on-demand viewing, you can further administer the user-generated data (if applicable).

Fully customizable. Through the Clevercast Manager, you can easily provide branding and change the Player's look and feel. You can also determine the functionality that will be available to the webcast's participants.

Fully embeddable. The Clevercast Manager provides you with an embed code for each of your webcasts, allowing you to display the Player in your own website, blog or learning environment.