Clevercast Manager is an online platform for creating, administering and editing your webcasts and channels. Furthermore, it allows you to adjust appearance and functionality of the Clevercast Player for each of your webcasts (with regard to branding, interactivity...) and provides you with access to powerful analytics.

Webcast management

Clevercast Manager provides a central and secure environment for administering your webcasts and their content. By communicating with our web-services, Clevercast Manager always contains the current status of every webcast, including slides and metadata. It allows you to adjust every aspect of the webcast during each phase of its lifetime (pre-configuration, live, on-demand). For example:

  • Set the webcast language, title, description, speakers, chapters...
  • Enrich the webcast with tags and metadata.
  • Add multimedia or documents, like an introduction video or attachments made available for download by participants.
  • Add, edit or delete slides and user-generated data.
  • Trim the webcast video, with automatic synchronisation of slides and metadata.
  • Transparently administer your webcast Channels and their accessibility.
  • Invite, register and verify webcast participants.

Player Customization

Clevercast uses a system of Player Templates which allows you to easily determine the look and feel of a webcast. You can choose to the change the properties of an available template (e.g. logo, foreground and background color, position of the video, splash image) or add your own custom template(s).

Additionaly, you can select which Player Modules will be used for a given webcast. This way, you can completely determine the functionality that is available to the webcast's participants (e.g. slideshow, twitter, questions, comments, timeline... ).

Webcast Analytics

Clevercast Manager provides you with access to interactive graphs and detailed statistical data, which allow you to analyze the behavior of both live and on-demand viewers for each webcast.