Clevercast Broadcaster is a modular software solution for recording and broadcasting webcasts, online seminars, courses, presentations and other events. The software can be installed on an iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini or can be delivered as a turnkey hardware solution.

Clevercast Broadcaster is administered through a web-interface, designed for the comfort of speakers and operators. Video and audio is streamed to the Rambla CDN which, through server-side transcoding and adaptive streaming, ensures an optimal experience for all viewers (both pc and mobile). Slides or other presentation materials are detected automatically and passed along with the video in a synchronized fashion.

Key Features

Professional broadcasting and recording, in multiple formats. Clevercast Broadcaster uses the award winning Telestream Wirecast solution, which is also available to you for other purposes (a Wirecast license is included when purchasing Clevercast). Furthermore, Clevercast benefits from the capability of our Wowza Media Servers (integrated into the Rambla CDN) to do real-time transcoding and adaptive live streaming in multiple resolutions, and to make server-side recordings.

Automatic detection and synchronization of slides. Clevercast doesn't require you to upload your slides (or other presentation materials) in advance or attach them to certain parts of the video. Instead, slides are captured and uploaded automatically to the Rambla CDN during your presentation.

Easy to use web interface, which lets you control all aspects of the webcast and allows you to do unlimited testing. Clevercast doesn't require extensive knowledge or a lengthy training. As soon as the Broadcaster is connected to the audiovisual equipment, you can start broadcasting and/or recording a webcast.

Support for various workflows, including the ability to pause and restart. This way, Clevercast can be deployed for almost every webcast scenario. For example:

  • A live presentation in which online viewers are participating, that subsequently becomes available as video-on-demand (instantly or after some editing).
  • An online seminar consisting of multiple sessions which must be published as on-demand webcasts as soon as they've finished, while the live webcast of the seminar continues.
  • Courses which are recorded and archived locally (on the Broadcaster) and later published as on-demand webcasts.

No need for custom encoding/broadcasting hardware. Clevercast Broadcaster software can be installed on your own iMac, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.

No need for special audiovisual equipment. Clevercast recognizes a wide range of input sources. Upon request, we can also provide you with audiovisual equipment tailored to your needs.

Additional services

If you require further assistance, you can rely on the expert knowledge and hands-on experience of our project engineers. Together with our partners, we can cover every aspect of the production and distribution process. Upon request, we can take care of (part of) the production of your webcast.